Ms. Amita Prasad


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation…We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

A model for defining and achieving excellence in schools is one that focuses not only on the traditional three Rs but also three other Rs. The traditional three Rs include reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. We need to focus on other three: reasoningresilience, and responsibility. These latter three Rs complement and enhance the first three.


Reasoning is a broad term that encompasses the comprehensive set of thinking skills that a person needs to be an engaged, active citizen of the world. These skills include:

  • Creative thinking to generate new and powerful ideas
  • Critical and analytical thinking to ensure that the ideas are good ones
  • Practical thinking to implement the ideas
  • Wise thinking to ensure that the ideas help build a common good.
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Mrs Reshma Bhattacharya


Mrs Reshma Bhattacharya, a post graduate in Comparative Literature , B.Ed and certificate holder in Educational Administration from Jadavpur University, is an experienced and passionate educator. With gentle hands and a caring spirit, she has been nurturing young minds at IVWS since its inception. Being the founder Vice Principal, she has been instrumental in the steady growth of the school. Her breadth of interest lies in providing the children with a joyful and wholesome learning experience.

Leading from the heart, she is a strong believer that every child is a winner and that there are no under achievers. With an undying faith to unlock the potential in each child, imparting holistic education is not just a promise but a practice she determinedly upholds.. Moreover, she feels a sense of pride in being a member of the institution where learning is not relegated to text books, but intended to be engaging, thought provoking and, most importantly, relevant. Embracing the ideals of collaboration, compassion and originality, Mrs Bhattacharya strongly believes that the race for quality has no finish line and it is all about becoming better with each passing day.

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Vice Principal

A gold medallist in Modern History, Priyadarshinee Guha is in charge of the Senior school Humanities programme and the entire co-scholastic activities in the school. Her vast experience of over twenty five years in teaching and teacher training helps her to promote novel and creative approaches to teaching at IVWS. With her multi-faceted talents and love for the arts she is able to steer the children to explore varied avenues of expression through drama, dance, singing, music and literary endeavours.

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Senior School Coordinator

Ms Anu Khosla a teacher of Mathematics for more than a decade, actively contributes to the growth and development of the Senior Secondary Department.
Her aim is:
1. To lead the team by her far sighted vision and inspire the team to give their best.
2. To lead and inspire the students in all spheres of student life.


Secondary School Coordinator

A student of English, Ms.Sumana Saha brings with her more than twenty years of experience in the sphere of education. As the Head of the Secondary school, she tries to motivate students to nurture their talents with a passion and learn in a manner that is relevant and meaningful.


Head Middle School

In charge of the scholastic and pastoral care of the students of Grades 6-8, she brings over 35 years of experience in this field to attend to the needs of the middle school children.



Deborina Roy is a committed believer in the emerging global trends in education that focus on child-centric holistic learning. An M.Phil degree holder in International Relations, Ms.Roy also has a CIDTT degree from Cambridge University. Aided by more than 19 years of administrative and academic experience, she has been a panelist with ILEAD, TAAZA TV and of several programmes by London School of Economics and Indian School of Business & Finance.


Head Of Department-sports

In charge of the entire Sports programme of the school, his dynamism and enthusiasm are contagious. He motivates the students to constantly strive harder.