The school has classes from Toddlers to XII.



Interactive boards

Every classroom is equipped with an interactive board with a multimedia projector.




Computer Labs

IVWS has up-to-date Computer Labs with a 1:1 student – computer ratio and all-in-one machines. Computer Labs are designed as per the age group to help the children become tech-savvy from an early age. It is rightly said that a single picture speaks a thousand words. Thus, to make understanding easier through multimedia, each Lab is equipped with adequate multimedia facilities.




Stem Education

Exposure to Robotics helps the students to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects better. This programme instils hands-on engineering concepts at a very young age, providing a fun and practical approach to modern education. It also helps to develop skills such as logical thinking and spatial reasoning. Our Robotics programme is embedded in the Timetable for all students from Grades III to VIII.




Mathematics Lab

Two Mathematics Labs have been set up in collaboration with Jodogyan, Delhi for all the students. This is an effort to use innovative methods through which children can understand better and enjoy what they are learning. It helps to teach mathematical concepts through a variety of tools and kits for hands-on activity-based learning that hopes to remove ‘math phobia’ and makes learning enjoyable.





The students have access to well-stocked libraries to inculcate the reading habit – to empower their minds and to think beyond their prescribed texts. The initiation of a digital library is yet another novel move towards facilitating education for gen-next. Apart from books and journals, visual, audio and video materials are also made available to the learners.





Well-equipped and state-of-the-art Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, psychology and Home science Labs give a digital edge to the learning of Science in Middle and High school classes.





IVWS has launched a school mobile app to serve as a portal to make communication with the school easier for parents. It is a platform whereby parents conveniently receive messages from the school and are kept updated with current news/information regarding academics and all activities conducted in the school.




Centrally Air Conditioned School Building

The school buildings are centrally air-conditioned thus cutting off the outside noise and assisting students to concentrate better. Reflective blue windowpanes block UV rays to ensure no glare and cool air conditioning in summer.




Fully Covered Play Area

Extensive fully covered play areas make it possible for children to play in all weather conditions.




Canteen Facility

Canteen facilities – Children are encouraged to eat home-cooked food. However, there is a provision for healthy meal options. The food served in the Canteen is strictly monitored so that unhealthy drinks and junk food do not find a place there.




Green Features

IVWS is truly a school with a difference. From an 80 KWT solar plant for channelling renewable energy to low wattage fans and LED lights, the school is committed to being eco-friendly. Rainwater harvesting is effectively practised.





IVWS boasts of a 650 seating capacity state-of-the-art auditorium. Its enterprise-quality acoustic back up and professional lighting management system can rival those found in landmark auditoriums in the city.