Co-Curricular Activities

The Indus Valley World School focuses on providing for the all round development of every student. Keeping this as our goal we strive to offer a plethora of Co-Curricular Activities to our students that enables them to constantly integrate the Arts into their learning. The school encourages the students to participate in several programmes, workshops and Inter-School Fests that throw up a variety of opportunities for the students to develop their skills and interests.

When the pandemic affected the world in March 2020, schools were possibly the worst hit. However at IVWS, we were determined to carry on our Co- Curricular classes with full vigour. From April 2020, the school has not been deterred in celebrating every important date in the school calendar in the online mode through presentations made by our students and faculty that have reached the IVWS family and the world beyond, through our Facebook and Instagram pages, our YouTube channel and the website. The school has overcome all hindrances of the students being confined at home and celebration of every important occasion or festival has happened with tremendous joy and enthusiasm.

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FROM 1ST JULY 2021 TO 30th JUNE 2022


15.07.2021 SOUMITRA CHATTERJEE QUIZ BY BICHITRA PATHSALA Two students from Grade 9 & 10 represented the school in a quiz on Soumitra Chatterjee. The school team emerged as the Runners-Up amidst 16 schools.
28.07.2021-31.07.2021 CALCUTTA DEBATING CIRCLE INVITATION 2021 MONSOON CHAMPIONSHIP Four students from Grades 11 and 12 participated in the Inter-School Debating Championship and one of them qualified for the finals.
31.07.2021   CALCUTTA DEBATING CIRCLE INVITATION 2021 PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE Six students were sent for the Parliamentary debate and two students did the school proud by being selected in the final teams and one was chosen to lead the House in all the motions.
03.08.2021-08.08.2021 SHABD -MAHADEVI BIRLA WORLD ACADEMY INTER SCHOOL FEST Our senior students participated in the fest and won the First prize in the dramatized Bengali poetry presentation.
01.08.2021-05.08.2021 MORPHEUS-SOUTH CITY INTERNATIONAL FEST Our senior students participated in several events and walked away with First prizes in Fireless Cooking and Short Film making.
06.08.2021-07.08.2021 QUAESTIO-BIRLA HIGH SCHOOL FEST Our junior quiz team reached the finals of the Inter-School quiz
07.08.2021-09.08.2021 JAI HIND- APEEJAY FEST In a fest organised across the country our student Aishani Paul placed First in the Eastern Music singing among 64 participants.
11.08.2021 LADAKH PROJECT WITH LADAKH PUBLIC SCHOOL, LEH A pilot project initiated by Achi Association India, Leh and the Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Calcutta. The school had the privilege of being the only school to be chosen to collaborate with the students from the Ladakh Public School.
13.08.2021 INDIA SPELLING BEE A nationwide competition for the students from Grades 1-5 saw the school emerging with one regional champion in Eastern India (Class 1) and three Runners-up in Eastern India (Classes 2,3 and 5)
28.08.2021 DPS RUBY PARK-CHESS TOURNAMENT Our students participated in the Chess tournament organised by DPS Ruby Park and did very well
29.08.2021 BDMI-CHESS TOURNAMENT Our students participated in the Chess tournament organised by BDM International and did very well
04.09.2021 KAUSHAL FEST -RUBY PARK PUBLIC SCHOOL Two students from Grades 4 & 5 represented the school and one of them was placed second in their enactment of freedom fighters out of 24 schools.
10.09.2021 INTERNATIONAL BAMBOO PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION Ten students presented their photographs for an international presentation organised in association with the Assam Valley School and the National Bamboo Board. Their work received a lot of appreciation from stalwarts.
10.09.2021-12.09.2021 YOUTHOPIA FEST- THE HERITAGE SCHOOL Our students participated in several events in the fest organised by The Heritage School and walked away with prizes in several events that resulted in us receiving the position of Second Runners-up overall.
17.09.2021- 19.09.2021 BICHITRA PATHSHALA-TRACING ROOTS PROJECT All the students from Class 6 participated in a project designed by Bichitra Pathshala where they had to find out about the origin of their families by interviewing their parents and grandparents. Selected students then made their presentations online in front of scholars and students from several other schools.
20.09.2021 WEBINAR ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS After participating in the 28-day sustainability challenge in which all the students participated in The Great Bean Race, a presentation was made by selected students from Classes 1 and 2 in front of a national audience and they were highly appreciated.
24.09.2021 DRAUPADI DEVI KHAITAN MEMORIAL INTER-SCHOOL DEBATBDM INTERNATIONAL Our senior debate team participated in the Inter-school debate organised by BDM International and Ishir Narayan was adjudged the Best Speaker.
24.09.2021- 25.09.2021 INTERFACE- THE BSS SCHOOL FEST Our students participated in several events in the fest organised by The BSS School and walked away with First and Second positions in several events. Our school representative received the award for the Best School Representative.
04.10.2021 RUSKIN BOND WEBINAR ORGANIZED BY SUSHILA BIRLA GIRLS’ SCHOOL Our students from Class 6 participated in a webinar where they interacted with Ruskin Bond
05.10.2021 WORKSHOP ON MASCULINITY-THINK ARTS Three students from Class 11 participated in a workshop designed by Think Arts on masculinity where they were supplied with activity kits and their work was displayed at Birla Academy.
06.10.2021- 07.10.2021 ACADEMIC SYMPOSIUM -MODERN HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Five students from Class 11 & 12 participated in the two-day symposium where they presented their ideas and interacted with scholars from different fields.
08.10.2021 MENTAL HEALTH WEBINAR BY SUSHILA BIRLA GIRLS’ SCHOOL Students from Class 11 & 12 attended a webinar on mental health and participated in a survey.
02.10.2021-08.10.2021 ONLINE POSTER MAKING COMPETITION-NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY Our senior student Taniqsha Roy placed third among artists from across the country which was a great honour.
25.10.2021 & 29.10.2021 CELERATING 100 YEARS OF R. K. LAXMAN- INDUS VALLEY WORLD SCHOOL Indus Valley World School designed a one of a kind fest celebrating the genius of R.K.Laxman on his centenary which saw 15 city schools battling it out where they explored the Laxman’s works through cartooning, photography, creative writing and photography.
11.11.2021 NURTURING YOUNG WOMEN IN STEM ORGANISED WITH THE AMERICAN CENTRE, KOLKATA Selected students were part of a six-month project where girls were encouraged to explore new facets in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
22.11.2021 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME For the students of Class 7 a session was conducted by Corporate Gurukul, Singapore in association with and certified by the National University of Singapore and Hewlett Packard. A student was selected to do the advanced course in NUS.
25.11.2021 THE TRUST OF INDIA CARTOON CAPTION CONTEST ORGANISED BY THE TIMES OF INDIA BASED ON R. K. LAXMAN’S WORKS Ayushi Pal Roy of Class 10 made us proud by emerging a winner in Eastern India in this cartoon competition.
01.12.2021 SPELLYMPICS-BIRLA HIGH SCHOOL MUKUNDAPUR Our junior team from Classes 4 & 5 participated in this keenly contested competition and emerged as Runners-up.
16.12.2021 VIJAY DIWAS AT VICTORIA MEMORIAL An extremely proud moment for us at IVWS as 55 of our students took the stage at Swarnim Vijay Gatha, the Golden Jubilee celebration of the 1971 war at the Victoria Memorial on 16th December 2021, organised by the Indian army. Our students were the only group chosen from all city schools of Kolkata. The occasion was graced by war veterans. alongside stalwarts like Gulzar and Sonu Nigam. Our students shared the stage and performed with Kavita Krishnamurti, Dr.L.Subramaniam and Sourendro Soumyojit in this visual extravaganza.
10.12.2021 POSTER MAKING WORKSHOP On Human Rights Day, the Activity Club of Victoria Memorial organised an art workshop where our students participated
15.12.2021 INTER-SCHOOL DEBATE Organized by Indian Oil Corporation of India saw our senior debate team participate and one of them was adjudged the Best Speaker.
21.12.2021- 24.12.2021 CHRISTMAS CHEER-INDUS VALEY WORLD SCHOOL An international project to spread happiness in the lockdown created by IVWS saw 20 schools from across the globe participate to celebrate Christmas through art and music.
14.01.2022 NATIONAL SPACE SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM PROJECT BY ISRO A project launched by ISRO in collaboration with Presidency University saw our students from the Pre-Primary department submit their artwork on concepts given to them about outer space. The scientists were absolutely fascinated with their drawings and applauded them in the concluding webinar.
15.01.2022 AAKAAR PRAKAAR An Inter school virtual art competition was organized by G.D.Goenka Public School and the Madhubani painting by one of our students won the first prize among several CBSE schools from across the country.
17.01.2022 AVSAR FEST- AKSHAR SCHOOL   Students from Classes 9-12 participated in the fest and walked away with prizes in most events and our school representatives were declared winners.
06.01.2022- 26.01.2022 CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION- ALL INDIA SCHOOL PARYAVARAN COMPETITION (AISPC) Selected students participated in the competition organised by CBSE on the Environment.
27.01.2022 INTER-CULTURAL LEARNING PROGRAMME ORGANIZED BY THE VINSCHOOL, VIETNAM An international collaboration where IVWS was the only school invited from India to participate in the lunar year celebrations. Our student from Class 5, Prisha Moitra did us proud by making a presentation on Poila Baisakh, the first day of the Bengali New Year.
31.01.2022   INCARNATION-BDM INTERNATIONAL Children from the junior school participated in the E-Waste Awareness non-competitive festival organised by BDM International and their work received a lot of appreciation in all categories.
25.02.2022 DRESS AND SPEAK LIKE A FREEDOM FIGHTER-VICTORIA MEMORIAL Two students from Classes 5 ( Sampurna Sarangi) and 4 ( Aarohan Dutta) participated in this competition and were placed First and Second respectively.
02.04.2022 CALCUTTA HERITAGE COLLECTIVE E- JOURNAL APRIL 2022 A dedicated group of students from Classes 9 and 11 created the inaugural edition of the E-Journal conceptualised by the Calcutta Heritage Collective. A project designed specifically for 6 city schools the edition published by IVWS won tremendous praise from all quarters.
08.04.2022 BICHITRA PATHSHALA RESEARCH PROJECT A project on migration saw two students make a brilliant presentation in front of scholars and several other school students where they combined role play, music, research and statistics to present their findings.
18.04.2022 DAG ART LAB WORKSHOP In the beginning of the new academic session the Delhi Art Gallery approached IVWS to collaborate on bringing Art to school students. Eight top city schools participated in a day long workshop as they were taken through works of art from the Bengal School and art historians helped them to link it to their history lessons.
14.05.2022 SRI GUROTSAV 2022 The annual Teachers fest was organised by Sri Sri Academy where our teachers brought the Overall Champions trophy home by placing in all the events.


07.07.2021 ART WORKSHOP All students from Classes 3-5 participated in an art workshop organised by Camlin where an interesting array of art techniques were taught.
13.07.2021 COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY In the lockdown a beautiful Commencement ceremony was organised for the school leaving batch of 2021. The students were addressed by M.s Kavita Punjabi, Professor of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. Certificates were given to students who had overcome major difficulties and displayed exemplary courage and fortitude.The school plated 100 mangrove saplings in Jharkhali, Sunderbans to mark the occasion.
16.07.2021 INTER-HOUSE SPELL BEE COMPETITION A keenly contested event for the students of Classes 4 & 5 saw the four houses battling it out and in the finals Indus House emerged victorious.
19.07.2021 STORY TELLING WORKSHOP A workshop was organised for the students from Classes 1 & 2 where they heard interesting stories from international storyteller Rohini Vij
19.07.2021 WORKSHOP ON DATA SCIENCE BY STUDENT OUTREACH, KOLKATA A workshop was organised by the students of the Computer and Robotics Club for the students of Classes 10-12.
20.07.2021 PLAYNOMICS WORKSHOP BY IFBF A workshop was organised for the Economics students from Classes 10-12
22.07.2021 CRITICAL THINKING WORKSHOP BY STUDENT OUTREACH, KOLKATA The Book Club organised a critical thinking workshop in collaboration with Student Outreach for the students from Classes 11 & 12.
23.07.2021 INTERACT CLUB INSTALLATION CEREMONY The first Installation Ceremony for the Interact Club was organised online where the Chief Guest Ms. Anuradha Lohia, Vice-Chancellor, Presidency University addressed the students.
24.07.2021-26.07.2021 DRAMEBAAZI-CREATIVE ARTS ACADEMYWORKSHOP Our students from Classes 4-12 participated in several creative workshops with renowned facilitators from across the country and abroad for two weeks. Our teachers also worked with the facilitators to hone their skills.
30.07.2021 ROAD SAFETY STORYTELLING SESSION A special session was organised for the students from Class 4 to help students understand the value of following rules on roads
04.08.2021-07.08.2021 SANGAM-INTER-HOUSE FEST An annual feature in the school calendar, the Inter-House Fest was held for all the students from Classes 6-9. Over 20 events were held that gave students a platform to showcase their talent in different spheres.
12.08.2021 ANTI-DRUG WORKSHOP WITH BOBBY CHAKRABORTY A session was organised for the students of Class 9 where they were addressed about the dangers of drug abuse and trafficking.
14.08.2021 ADDRESS BY SRI GOPAL KRISHNA GANDHI-EX GOVERNOR OF WEST BENGAL, The senior students had the rare privilege of interacting with Sri Gandhi on the eve of Independence Day where he spoke to them about the importance of tolerance
15.08.2021 VIRTUAL INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION The students from Classes 2-12 participated in an online presentation based on the theme of the centenary of the Non-Cooperation Movement.
18.08.2021 GREEN PERIODS INITIATIVE The Interact Club of IVWS in collaboration with Rotary Club of Urbana inaugurated the ‘Green Period’ initiative where a workshop was organised to sensitise young girls from several NGOs about the importance of reusable sanitary napkins. The programme was graced by the Rotary President Mr.Shekhar Mehta from Chicago and sanitary napkins were distributed to all girls present from the NGO’s.
19.08.2021 21.08.2021 INTER HOUSE FITNESS FEST An online fitness fest was organised for the students from Classes 3-5 where the children competed to showcase their skills in different exercises.
22.08.2021 RAKSHA BANDHAN The students from Lower Infants celebrated Raksha Bandhan by making and tying Rakhis on the hands of their grandparents.
30.08.2021 JANMASTHAMI The students from Toddlers heard the story of the birth of Lord Krishna and worked with their teachers to decorate earthen pots as part of their creative activity.
01.09.2021 WORLD NUTRITION DAY A special assembly was conducted for all students of Class 3 to understand the importance of a balanced diet and students were made aware of the dangers of consuming junk food.
10.09.2021 GANESH CHATURTHI The students from the Primary school made different kinds of handicrafts and paintings around the theme of Ganesh Chaturthi.
14.09.2021 HINDI DIWAS CELEBRATION On the occasion of Hindi Diwas different activities ranging from role play to creative writing, from picture composition to Spell Bee, from Kavi Sammelan to report writing, from short story writing to composing poetry students from Classes 3-12 were engaged to celebrate our national language.
15.09.2021 WEBINAR WITH PALEONTOLOGIST SANJUKTA CHAKROVORTI The students of Class 6 got a rare opportunity to interact with a palaeontologist who spoke to them in an online session about the
15.09.2021 GRANDPARENTS DAY CELEBRATION Children of the Pre-Primary celebrated Grandparent’s Day to appreciate and cherish the bonds they share with their grandparents.Many grandparents living in different states got virtually connected and performed for their grandchildren.
21.09.2021 INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY- The Humanities students from Classes 11 & 12 were addressed by Dr. Pratyay Nath,Professor Ashoka University on the importance of tolerance and peace in troubled times.
25.09.2021 THINK ARTS- PROJECT ON MASCULINITY Selected students from Class 10 attended a series of sessions organised by Think Arts as they explored various facets of masculinity. Their reports were submitted for a world-wide survey on completion.
28.09.2021 ENGLISH CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP DR. ARUNAVA SINHA, ASHOKA UNIVERSITY Selected students from Classes 10-12 atended a workshop conducted by D. Arunabha Sinha, Ashoka University
29.09.2021&30.09.2021 INTER-HOUSE ENGLISH ELOCUTION COMPETITION All the students of Classes 4 & 5 participated in the competition.
06.10.2021 VIRTUAL AGOMONI Due to the lockdown selected students from Classes 3-12 participated in the virtual Puja celebrations that brought enormous joy and happiness for every member of the school community.
02.11.2021 SEWA PROJECT All the students from Toddlers and Pre-Primary made a thali with sweets and a diya which they gifted to the not so privileged sections of society (security guards, domestic help etc)
03.11.2021 VIRTUAL DIWALI ASSEMBLY The festival of lights was celebrated on the virtual platform by selected students from Classes 6-12 as they shared the legends behind Kali Pujo in Bengal and the significance of the five days of Diwali.
03.11.2021 INTER-HOUSE ART COMPETITION All the students from Classes 4 & 5 participated in creating diyas and rangolis at home which they shared virtually as part of the competition. Their work was showcased on the school’s social media platforms.
12.11.2021 COMPUTATIONAL THINKING SEMINAR A workshop was organised for the students of Classes 6 & 7 by Anand Srinivas, CEO of Stayqrious which the students enjoyed immensely.
18.11.2021 SEMINAR BY AMERICAN CENTRE WITH UNO Selected students from Class 11 attended a Girl Up club seminar at the American Centre that has inspired the students to set up such an initiative in their own school.
25.11.2021 THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION As a part of gratitude, children from the Pre-Primary section made special thank you cards to gift to their helpers for their support and hard work.
03.12.2021 SAMVIDHAN DIWAS QUIZ All the students from Classes 3-5 participated in a quiz on the significance of the Indian Constitution.
A special assembly was organised for the students of Classes 2 & 3 to generate awareness about people with disabilities.
PAPER BAG MAKING FOR CHRISTMAS All the students of Class 2 were engaged in making paper bags out of old newspapers as a recycling activity.
13.12.2021 VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY All the students from the junior school had virtual Christmas celebrations with their classmates and teachers.
14.12.2021 CHRISTMAS SEWA PROJECT All the students in the Pre-Primary section made goodie bags for the less fortunate and distributed it among the less fortunate to spread Christmas Cheer.
07.01.2022 POSTER MAKING COMPETITION CBSE organised a poster making competition for the students from Classes 9-12 and our senior students participated in it.
04.01.2022- 07.01.2022 CRAFT WORK FOR SANKRANTI The students from Classes 1 and 2 were told about the festival and then each child made kites to celebrate the day.
06.01.2022 CELEBRATING ARMY DAY All the students of Class 2 were told about the contribution of our soldiers who work to protect the nation. To celebrate their efforts every child prepared a thank you card for soldiers which were then sent to the soldiers in the Kolkata cantonment.
10.01.2022 SWAMI VIVEKANANDA JAYANTI Across the school Swami Vivekananda’s birthday was celebrated. While the children of the Junior School were told stories about his life, the Senior students had a special online assembly to talk about his philosophy.
14.01.2022 VIRTUAL PONGAL CELEBRATION The students from the Pre-Primary department celebrated Pongal by dressing up in traditional clothes and decorating thalis with flowers and sweetmeats.
23.01.2022 NETAJI’S BIRTH ANNIVERSARY Students from the Middle School made a melodious online presentation of the Anthem of the Indian National Army to celebrate the occasion.
24.01.2022 NATIONAL TOURISM DAY ASSEMBLY All students from Classes 3-5 learnt about beautiful places they could visit in India. They also made presentations about the important sites, culture and food special in these places.
26.01.2022 REPUBLIC DAY VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE SESSION While the flag was hoisted in school, a special online session was organised for the Senior students where they were addressed by Prof.Sumit Chakraborti from Presidency University. He narrated three interesting stories to the students which gave them food for thought about their role as future citizens in the larger society.
28.01.2022 MINI SPORTS DAY
30.01.2021 VIRTUAL PRESENTATION ON MARTYRS’ DAY An online presentation by students from various classes saw the commemoration of Martyrs’ Day by the school.
04.02.2022 SARASWATI PUJA CELEBRATION While the Puja was held in school which was attended by the teachers and the members of the Student Council, children from different parts of the school made a mesmerising online presentation paying their respect to the goddess of learning.
21.02.2022 VIRTUAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY Students from Grades 1-12 presented a wonderful programme to commemorate Bhasha Dibash or International Mother Language Day.
01.02.2022-28.02.2022 28 DAY SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE
18.04.2022 WORLD HERITAGE DAY Different sections of the school learnt about World Heritage through meaningful activities. While the Junior students worked on palm leaf printing and drawing on rocks, the students from Grades 3-5 participated in a quiz on World Heritage in the school auditorium. The Middle school students learnt about family heritage and the seniors participated in varied activities through drama,photography, quizzing and public speaking.
20.04.2022 onwards ART CLASSES ON RECYCLING PAPER The Middle school students have been working on making handmade paper by recycling old newspaper.
21.04.2022 EARTH DAY CELEBRATION Across the school students celebrated the importance of Mother Earth while special assemblies were organised for the students of Classes 3-5 and 8 in the auditorium.
22.04.2022 WORLD BOOK DAY The students from the Pre-Primary section spent a delightful morning reading their favourite books in their respective classrooms.
29.04.2022 INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY Dancers from Class 12 and our entire dance faculty of the school gifted everyone a mesmerising morning as all the students from Grades 10-12 witnessed the classical dance forms of Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Manipuri.
16.05.2022- 19.05.2022 NATIONAL MUSEUM WEEK Students from Classes 3-9 participated in a variety of sessions organised by the Victoria Memorial.
SUMMER CAMP FOR EKTARA STUDENTS A five day camp was organised by our Interact Club for the students from the NGO Ektara. Alongside Sports every day the students enjoyed singing, dancing, fireless cooking and pottery sessions with the IVWS students and faculty.
05.05.2022 BENGALI ELOCUTION All the students of Grade 2 participated in a delightful Bengali Elocution activity where they performed with interesting props and used exciting hand gestures and voice modulation.
06.05.2022 RABINDRA JAYANTI After over two years being lost due to the pandemic, over 130 students from Classes 4-12 took to the stage to present Tagore’s philosophy on the theme Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya’-from darkness to light.
10.05.2022 MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION Students from Class 2 came to school along with their mothers and participated in storytelling, music, dance, fireless cooking and upcycled fashion.
19.06.2022 CODE -A-THON INTERACT CODING COMPETITION(7-12) The Interact Club of the school organised a coding competition for the students from Classes 8-12 which saw enthusiastic participation across the classes.
24.06.2022 STORYTELLING SESSIONS Two sessions were held for the students of Classes 1 and 2 where Rohini Vij enthralled the children with her narration.
23.06.2022 ANNUAL INTERACT MEET 2022 Representatives from the Interact Club presented a dance performance synced with live painting and impressed the audience at the Annual Interact Meet held at the Sarala Memorial Hall. The school won the First prize in community service(non-medical) category in its very first year.
17.06.2022 FATHERS DAY CELEBRATION Students from Upper Infants and Grade 3 came to school along with their fathers and participated in fun races,storytelling, music, dance, fireless cooking and t-shirt painting.
21.06.2021 INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY This special day was celebrated by students from Classes 1-12 as every student performed a series of asanas and breathing exercises.