Special Needs Education

We at IVWS are happy to call ourselves an Inclusive school. We believe that inclusion is not tolerance; rather, it is unquestioning acceptance. No child is a ‘poor fit’ in our institution.

The SEN (Special Education Needs) department was not born out of compulsion; rather we perceive it to be our social responsibility to offer ourselves as a disability – friendly school.  It is this belief that urged us to be equipped with the basic infrastructural prerequisites like ramps, elevators and disabled-friendly washrooms.

With the conviction that all students can learn, the school makes an effort to provide additional academic and skill based learning support to students enrolled in the department. We have specialist qualified teachers guiding children with Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning Disability, Developmental Delay, Dyslexia, Intellectual Impairment and Muscular Dystrophy. Being an inclusive school, there are umpteen opportunities for teachers and special educators to collaborate in the classroom to work on specific deficits of the children with special needs. Moreover, one – on – one supervised study programmes are organized to sustain an enabling environment.

To eliminate the broken belief of ‘not being good enough’ and to promote a true self-image, every student in the department gets a fair chance to participate in the plethora of events – including sports and co-curricular activities – designed round the year along with their peers at their grade level.

With regard to assessments, the school offers several accommodations to children with Special Educational Needs. Children are offered assistance in reading the question papers, extra time in writing the answers and, up to Grade VII, teachers also design assessments according to the readiness level of the child. In keeping with the CBSE guidelines, children in Grades IX – X who have been diagnosed with specific learning difficulty are allowed to drop Mathematics / Science and opt for alternative schemes of study.

Above all, the caring and nurturing environment of the school blended with a personalised approach from the very nascent stage till the highest grade, help the students with special needs to acquire the necessary life skills and to make a smooth transition from dependence to independence.

Parents Testimonials for Special Education

My son has been a slow learner from the beginning – he had delayed development on many basic skills like speech, language skills, ability to have continued focus etc. I would really want to thank Indus Valley World School and its teachers for providing an accommodative environment for my son, to the extent that he attends normal classes with other students without a feeling of being left behind.

In particular, the special education classes conducted by the school has proved to be beneficial for us in many aspects – right from providing the much-needed individual attention needed by these students, helping parents with identifying strengths/weaknesses/areas that need specific focus/setting up incremental development plans, so it is both easy for the child to cope as well as work towards becoming independent.


We are so glad that our daughter is in a nurturing environment where instruction and support are tailored to each individual student’s needs and strengths. The small class sizes with Special Education teachers and aides allow her to get the focus and attention she deserves.

It is also helping her to learn the value of teamwork and improving her self-confidence. We have received immense support from the school, which is helping her learning and growing tremendously, both academically and socially.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Indus Valley World School for providing the wonderful infrastructure of Inclusive Education through Special Education classes. We would also like to thank the special educators from the core of our heart for your continued efforts and immense patience in teaching the children.

These classes have been indispensable for helping the special children learn the subjects effortlessly by reinforcing the concepts. The additional care and time put in by you is highly appreciated. We have carefully observed the transition of our son Aaryan, from an insecure, timid kid to a much more confident child over the last few years. Moreover, we were extremely glad that he could take his exams normally with the rest of his classmates. Thanks to the special education fraternity for bringing this brilliant improvement in Aaryan.

We are also exceedingly grateful to his Class Teachers for understanding him with compassion, having confidence in him and involving him thoroughly in the class. We honestly believe that with your guidance, Aaryan would surely do remarkably well in life.


We have been receiving great support for our child in different areas for his all-round development. The team provided both academic and emotional support, especially during the pandemic, when physical interaction was not possible. Several methods like mind map, focused revisions and writing support helped our child to improve significantly and increase his confidence. We appreciate the entire team for being a great support in a time of need. The dedication and commitment of the team is highly commendable.


When you have a child with different needs, as a parent you are sceptical to put your child forward – always wondering if he would have a gentle hand which will guide him to overcome his challenges. Who will make him feel less different than his peer group? Who will not only help him to jump the educational huddle but also make him confident enough to take up new challenges?

The Special Educator Team of IVWS is that gentle hand who helps my son to be a stronger individual every day.


I am extremely grateful and indebted to IVWS & the Special Education Department. My son Vedatman Chakroborty joined the school in Class 1. The teachers were prompt to realise that he required special attention. The special education department took great care in helping him cope with his studies.

Today he is in class 9. It wouldn’t have been possible with the guidance and empathy that the teachers have showered through the years. Their patience, guidance at every step helped my son to sail through the school years. Thank you all.


The school stood by him like parents for the last 10 years and we are extremely grateful to all of you who supported him in this journey. We can’t express our gratitude in words for the special educators and all the class teachers and subject teachers for their strict but motherly guidance.