Pre – Primary

English. Number work, General Awareness, Second Language (Hindi/Bengali), Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Aerobics, Organized Games

Grades I and II

English, Second Language (Hindi/Bengali), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Value Education, I.T., Yoga, Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Organized Games , Health & Fitness, Robotics (for Grade II)

Grades- III-V

English, Second Language (Hindi/Bengali), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, I.T., Robotics, Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Sports & Games, Value Education, Yoga and Club Activities.

Grades VI to VIII

English, Second Language-(Hindi/Bengali), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foundation of IT, Third Language – Hindi/Bengali/Sanskrit ,Artificial Intelligence (For Grade VIII), Robotics (Grades VI-VII) , Martial Arts, Yoga, Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Sports & Games, Value Education, and Club Activities

Grades IX -X

English, Second Language-(Hindi/Bengali), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foundation of IT, Home Science, Martial Arts, Yoga, SEWA, Sports & Games, Art & Craft (for Grade IX), Club Activities (For Grade IX)

Grades (XI-XII)

The subject combinations that we offer in Grades XI – XII (2023-25) are given below.

  • Students need to select ONE subject from each Group.
  • It is mandatory to have 5 subjects as per CBSE requirements
  • If a student takes the optional 6th subject, the marks of this subject will be taken into consideration if he / she does not clear any of the 5 main subjects and best 5 subjects will be counted.
  • For all students who have 5 subject combination school timing will be from 7.20 am to 12.30 pm; students who have 6 subjects will have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays till 1.30 pm.

Subject Choices (Only ONE subject may be selected from each Group)
GROUP 1 301 English Core (compulsory)
GROUP 2 042 Physics / 055 Accountancy / 027 History / 029 Geography
GROUP 3 043 Chemistry / 054 Business Studies / 039 Sociology / 052 Commercial Art / 074 Legal Studies
GROUP 4 041 Mathematics / 048 Physical Education / 028 Political Science / 064 Home Science
GROUP 5 044 Biology / 083 Computer Science / 030 Economics / 037 Psychology
GROUP 6 (OPTIONAL) 302 Hindi Core/ 105 Bengali / 065 Informatics Practices


Exposure to Robotics helps the students to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects better.

This programme instils hands-on engineering concepts at a very young age, providing a fun and practical approach to modern education. It also helps to develop skills such as logical thinking and spatial reasoning.

Our Robotics programme is embedded in the Timetable for all students from Grades II to VII.

Delta Step

This is a technology-based interactive, adaptive and highly personalised learning platform that uses technology to enable students to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace and in their own style. This facility combines the best of both worlds, classroom learning and self-study, and is available for all the students of Grades 3-8.