• Parents are requested not to send gifts, cake, pens or any expensive items to celebrate birthdays in school.
  • Parents may send candies or small bars of chocolate to be distributed in class.
  • Contributing a book to the school library to mark the occasion will be appreciated.
  • Parents are requested not to send any gifts for teachers


  • Parents are requested to ensure that their wards attend school regularly, are punctual and wear the proper uniform.
  • Attendance on the first day and last day of each term is mandatory.
  • They are required to fill up the “Leave Record” page whenever their ward is absent.
  • Parents are requested to make a note of the important dates and events given in the school diary and plan trips / holidays accordingly.
  • Parents should not send their wards to school if the child is unwell.
  • In case a student is suffering from any contagious illness, the quarantine period must be covered and the child will be allowed to join school only on submission of a Medical Fitness Certificate.
  • A Medical Certificate must be submitted in case of absence for any illness which lasts 3 days or more.


  • Parents are requested to avoid taking their wards during school hours except in the event of an emergency.
  • In such a case, they are required to collect a valid permission slip signed by the Principal/ Vice Principal.


  • Remedial classes for students who need extra help in a subject / subjects can be arranged in consultation with the Department Head. Parents are required to submit an application in writing addressed to the Principal for the same.


  • Parents are expected to give healthy tiffin to their wards keeping in mind the age appropriate nutritional requirements. “Junk” food and soft drinks are not permitted in school.
  • Canteen facilities at reasonable rates are available in school (on specified days for the Primary School)


  • Tipping any member of the school staff (Security / Support / Transport ) is strictly prohibited.


  • 1. Fees for the whole academic year are charged in four (4) installments on quarterly basis.
  • 2. For ONLINE fee payment please use the “Online fee payment link” mentioned in the school website :
  • 3. Fees can also be deposited at authorised branches of Axis Bank : Survey Park / New / Behala / Prince Anwar Shah Road/ Narendrapur and Kasba.
  • 4. Fees for the entire academic year will also be accepted at the School Accounts Office.
  • 5. Fees once paid will not be refundable for any reason whatsoever.
  • 6. Late fine will be charged as per the norms indicated in the feebook.
  • 7. Cheque or pay order to be drawn in favour of INDUS VALLEY WORLD SCHOOL
  • 8. Cheque return charges will be Rs. 500/- per instance (for any reason).
  • 9. Non-payment of installment by the last date of the month (June/ September/December/February) will result in de-enrolment of the student from the rolls of the school without any further notice. A re-admission charge amounting to Rs.4,000/- will be applicable.
  • 10. Rs. 50/- will be charged for issue of any duplicate documents.
  • 11. Official documents will be withheld unless all dues are cleared.


Toddlers , Lower Infants and Upper Infants

Boys:   Grey checked shorts and white shirt with monogram, white socks and black shoes with velcro.

Girls:   Grey checked tunic with monogram and white shirt, white socks and black shoes with velcro.

Grades I to IV

Boys:   White half sleeved shirt with monogram, grey shorts with belt, white socks and black shoes.

Girls:   White half sleeved shirt with monogram , grey tennis skirt with belt, white socks and black shoes.

Grades V to X (Boys & Girls)

White half sleeved shirt with monogram, grey trousers with belt, grey tie with school monogram, white socks and black shoes.

Grades XI & XII ( Boys & Girls )

Light blue shirts, bluish grey trousers with belt, maroon tie, white socks and black shoes.

Sports I to XII ( Boys & Girls )

House coloured T-shirts with monogram , navy blue track pants.

Sports uniforms to be worn on days students have games and yoga in their Time Table.

Winter Uniform

Pre-Primary to VIII:   Grey hoodie jacket with monogram, grey sleeveless sweater ( optional ).

Grades IX to XII:   Navy blue blazers with monogram/ grey hoodie jacket with monogram. Grey sleeveless sweater (optional).

The school is particular about the uniform. Winter accessories like caps, mufflers, ear muffs, scarves, gloves, etc worn in addition to the prescribed uniform should be black in colour. Coloured fancy winter wears are not permitted.


  • Students must wear the prescribed school uniform. Students accompanying their parents on PTMs must also come in their school uniform.
  • It is compulsory to wear school ID cards.
  • No valuables are to be worn to school.
  • Girls may wear simple ear studs.
  • Nose pins are not allowed.
  • Nails must be kept short and clean. Nail polish and mehndi are not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to put on facial make-up, or sport tattoos or use tinted lip balm.
  • Hair must be kept neat and tidy. Hair below shoulder length must be neatly tied using only simple black hair bands and clips.
  • Boys cannot sport long hair.
  • Fancy haircuts, hair styling, dyeing, highlighting etc. are strictly not allowed.
  • Senior boys are expected to be clean shaven at all times.