Indus Valley World School has an excellent team of teachers, mentors and trainers. Teachers are well qualified and experienced. They are energetic, active, optimistic and ever willing to walk the extra mile. The school also has excellent trainers of Karate, Yoga, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Music etc. Our teachers are all computer savvy and handles the multimedia with ease and élan. Teachers are sent for different workshops. Educationists and trainers are invited to our school to conduct workshops. In this way IVWS aims to have well educated, confident teachers who can care for the generation next.

Delta Step

This is a technology based interactive, adaptive and highly personalised learning platform that uses technology to enable students to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace and in their own style. This facility combines the best of both worlds, classroom learning and self-study, and is available for all the students of Grades 6-8.


Mathematics Lab

Two Mathematics Labs have been set up in collaboration with Jodogyan, Delhi for all the students from Pre-Primary to the Middle School level. This is an effort to use innovative methods through which children can understand better and enjoy what they are learning. It helps to teach mathematical concepts through a variety of tools and kits for hands on activity-based learning that hopes to remove ‘math phobia’ and makes learning enjoyable.