The COVID 19 pandemic necessitated a shift to teaching – learning methodology throughout different levels of the school suitable to the digital platform. We are delighted to say that within a very short span of time, our teachers equipped themselves to use different online teaching tools to make their lessons engaging and meaningful.

Apart from using audio-visual aids such as PowerPoint Presentations and educational videos from YouTube or original ones created by our innovative faculty members, teachers are using innovative teaching methodology by using tools such as:

  • JAMBOARD – a great tool for brainstorming and gathering ideas and getting children to collaborate.
  • PADLET – a virtual post – it board – which has made it possible for teachers to organize collaborative group projects in the absence of face – to – face meetings. Teachers are also using it to amalgamate students’ ideas and thought processes via texts, pictures and videos.
  • MENTIMETER is used by our teachers for conducting live polls as lessons are in progress
  • NEARPOD has been a handy tool for creating interactive presentations as well as formative assessment activities.
  • WAKELET is a hassle-free platform used by our teachers for organizing their content and use it to tell stories or for asking questions.
  • GOOGLE MAPS and GOOGLE EARTH have made it possible for students to visualize abstract concepts and learn about lives and cultures from around the globe.
  • KAHOOT, QUIZIZZ and QUIZALIZE are becoming extremely popular and are used extensively to conduct quizzes in online classes and help children to learn information in a game setting. This is in addition to using GOOGLE FORMS for quick assessments.
  • The game-based elements in online puzzles, interactive memory games, grammar and number games keep the Juniors, in particular, excited and interested in their lessons.

These are just a few examples of innumerable such learning applications that our teachers have mastered and are using regularly since classes moved to the online mode.

Apart from the scholastic areas, the school is offering a whole gamut of online cocurricular activities which are essential to the holistic development of the children’s personalities – ranging from music and dance classes, art and craft, choir training, photography, video editing, quizzing, story – telling, chess coaching, public speaking and so on. Children thoroughly enjoy these and eagerly look forward to their Club activities which are not only a break from the tedium of classes but also help to hone the children’s latent talent and skills.

It is essential that we look after the physical fitness of our students especially when they are confined to their homes. With this in mind, we have included online yoga, martial arts coaching and aerobics / free-hand exercises in the weekly Timetable and at all levels.

All significant national and international days are celebrated online through special assemblies or specially curated programmes which are posted on the school’s social media pages. Online Inter – House competitions are organized at all levels from time to time so that the children are motivated to showcase their talents.