Shayak Ghosh, Parent-Teacher Meeting

07th October 2021

We are extremely happy with Shayak’s progress at IVWS so far, and would like to thank you and the other teachers for all the sincere and caring efforts which made this possible.

It has been only a month or so at IVWS, and Shayak appears to be already learning a lot. We find that Shayak has developed a keen interest in studies and related academic activities. He enjoys the online classes. Shayak appears to be more proficient in applying his knowledge and skill sets aptly to real-time situations, which reflects development of his analytical mind. He is showing signs of leadership qualities, and appears to be less shy now-a-days.

We would like to thank Shayak’s teachers for everything, especially the excellent teaching material and methodologies, which keeps our son engaged, wanting to learn more.

An Upper Infants parent