Scheme of Studies

The school has four sections: Pre-Primary, Primary & U. Primary (Grades I to VII), High School (Grades VIII to X) and Higher Secondary (Grades XI & XII). Following is the Scheme of Subjects taught at different levels:

Pre – Primary

English. Number work, General Awareness, Drawing

Primary & U. Primary (Grades I – VII)

English, Hindi, Bengali, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Moral Science, Art Education, Computer, Physical & Health Education, EVS, 3rd language (in Grades VI & VII – Hindi/Bengali/Sanskrit)

High School (Grades VIII to X)

English, Hindi, Bengali, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Moral Science, Art Education, Computer, Physical & Health Education, EVS & Hindi/Bengali/Sanskrit as 3rd Language.

Higher Secondary (Grades XI & XII)

English Core/Elective, Hindi Core/Elective, Bengali, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science, Geog, History, Pol Sc, Phy Edu, Sociology.


Extramarks Smart Learn Classes

IVWS introduced Extramarks Smart Learn Classes in 2014. It uses learning modules mapped to the syllabi provided by various educational boards. These modules are based on a pedagogy specially developed by experienced educationists to benefit learning in class-room situations.
The best of institutions in India and other countries use Extramarks Smart Learn Classes to impart education in classrooms.
Our teachers and students have experienced this teaching and learning method and found it very effective.


WOW – Wings of Words

WOW – Wings of Words is an in school phonic based integrated reading programme offered to students from grades I-Ill. This creates a culture for reading. Skills like visualisation, logical thinking and spelling expertise are developed through independent yet controlled reading of texts. Diphthongs, alliteration, setting and character comprehension are a few things this programmes focuses on. We offer online, offline, baseline and end line assessments to estimate a child’s reading level eventually providing them guidelines for improvement. Additionally, we have a user-friendly application for parents’ feedback, suggestions and student practice assignments.
The primary aim of this endeavour is to develop a love for reading amongst students and enable them to frame their own imagination in the most creative manner.


Delta Step

This is a technology based interactive, adaptive and highly personalised learning platform that uses technology to enable students to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace and in their own style. This facility combines the best of both worlds, classroom learning and self-study, and is available for all the students of Grades 6-8.


Mathematics Lab

Two Mathematics Labs have been set up in collaboration with Jodogyan, Delhi for all the students from Pre-Primary to the Middle School level. This is an effort to use innovative methods through which children can understand better and enjoy what they are learning. It helps to teach mathematical concepts through a variety of tools and kits for hands on activity-based learning that hopes to remove ‘math phobia’ and makes learning enjoyable.