Q1: How is your school different from other schools?

For a number of reasons our school is different from other schools in Kolkata:

  • This is the only centrally air-conditioned school in Bengal.
  • This is the first school in Kolkata/ Bengal where each class has an Interactive Board which is used for modern ways of teaching.
  • The role of the parents in educating the children is highly emphasized and Parent-Teacher meetings are held at regular intervals.
  • There are 6 working days and on the sixth day (Saturday), children of Grade I to V come to school to take part in extra curricular activities like Yoga, Karate, Music, dance, games, personality development etc. and for remedial classes.
  • Character formation, Value Education and Discipline receive top most priority at IVWS
  • A favourite hangout for pre-primary and primary kids, is the Naughty Castle, which is a fully covered play area comprising of many play equipments designed in a puzzle like manner. It gives the children opportunity to explore a fun filled world irrespective of any season.
  • Truly one of its kind, the Jungle Façade is a resplendent display of nature. It depicts the major geographical zones, through 3 D models of flora and fauna along with figures of actual size animals wonderfully placed according to their habitat.
  • To make the IT enabled classroom teaching more effective voting pads are used by children to vote their answers instantly to the multiple choice questions put up on the Activ board as an effective means of evaluation. More importantly it helps the teachers to understand the level of understanding of each student and thereby facilitates further guidance as well.
Q2. Do you provide transport facilities?

We have arrangement for A.C. buses which cater to the needs of children from different parts of Kolkata and adjoining areas.

Q3. Is it compulsory to use School arrangement for transport?

The present rule follows that transport is compulsory for all the children from Upper infant (4+) staying beyond 1 km. from the school.

Q4. What are interactive boards, and how useful are they in teaching aids?

Interactive Boards provided in all the classrooms are electronic boards which are attached to the laptops provided to all teachers. It then has the potential of a computer and allows enormous flexibility in usage of audio visual aids with rich educative content. This a chalkless system of education which equips the children to adapt to this fast changing world.

Q5. What are the facilities for sports and games?

There is a huge indoor play area for the kids. There are a number of indoor game facilities like table tennis, air hockey, pool, carom, chess etc. We also have provision for outdoor games facilities, like cricket practice pitch, Basket ball, badminton etc. Special coaching is given in cricket, football, basketball etc.