Workshop on POCSO AND POSH for teachers

13th August 2019

On 10 August 2019, Madhuban Publications arranged for Mr. Amitabh Mohan to come to Indus Valley World School to speak to the teachers about POCSO 2012( Protection of Children against Sexual Offences) and POSH 2013 ( Prevention of Sexual Harassment). The first thing session proved to be extremely informative as Mr. Mohan interspersed it with clippings from the popular TV show Satyamev Jayate to highlight how traumatised children can be due to such offensive behaviour by adults. His message to the teachers was to be alert and look for any changes in the behaviour of children in the classroom that might have been caused by any kind of sexual offence. In the second session he spoke to the teachers about the importance of identifying harassment in the workplace and how to proceed to put an end to it. Both the sessions gave the teachers a lot of food for thought and was successful in highlighting problems that are emerging as serious concerns in the education sector.