Visit of Vice-Consul-Cultural Department-Consulate of Japan in Kolkata

09th May 2018

IVWS witnessed another memorable day this season on the 3rd of May when students assembled at the Auditorium to welcome Ms. Manami Kato – the Vice-Consul and Incharge Cultural Department of the Japanese Consulate in Kolkata. Ms Kato. gave a wonderful brief about the different culture, life style, weather and people of Japan in ‘HELLO JAPAN’ – a presentation to which IVWS students showed huge interest. To her surprise some of the audience members even greeted her by exchanging expressions like ‘Arigatou’ and ‘Sayonara’.

The day was worth remembering as the students were prompt to answer some quick questions on Japan in form of a quiz with great zeal and interest. They were handed over some token as gift on each successful answer by the Diplomats of Japanese Consulate.