Virtual Halloween 2020

17th November 2020

The American Centre’s generous invitation to the virtual Halloween event on 31 October was a large-hearted, endeavour against odds. From the comfort of their homes the IVWS children joined attendees from other schools to enjoy an evening of chatty ghosts, engaging quiz, mask-making, and costume charade. The interactive format, warm banter across countries and cultures made the event one of palpable excitement and serious substance.
An Indus Valley World School pupil responded effusively –
I would like to thank the school management and the American Center for giving us the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Virtual Halloween party. The entire show was magical – the beautiful explanation about Halloween, Count Dracula, the witch, the quiz – all were excellent. But I loved the horror story the most. They portrayed the story in such a way that it was hard to believe that it was being played virtually with sound effects . I have heard of Halloween parties before but this was the first time I witnessed one. Thank you again for that.

Yours sincerely-