Valentiny 2018

21st February 2018

Indus Valley World School celebrated Valentine’s Day on 14th February in a unique manner. The management, parents, teachers and infants came together to glorify the ethereal bond between a parent and a child – a bond that undoubtedly surpasses every other in the universe.
The show commenced with a speech by the Director Sir Joseph Mathew who acknowledged the hardships a mother goes through while raising a child. The speech was followed by a song by the little ones. The highlight of the show was the ramp walk. The audience cheered loud when the kids walked down the aisle with their parents in style and shared a few words on their bond with their child. A few parents and children duo expressed their bond through melodious songs.
Deciding the winners was quiet a task for the judges as everyone performed brilliantly. The winners were given sashes and gifts. All the participants were given a token of appreciation at the end of the show. The vice- principal Madame Reshma Bhattacharya also addressed the audience and spoke about the importance of bonding in this tumultuous world. The show concluded with a thoughtful video about how a mother’s unfathomable love shapes cultures and individuals and the profound and long-lasting impact mothers have in developing children.