Trauma & Emergency Management Workshop At Indus Valley World School In Association With Peerless Hospital

24th November 2017

Indus Valley World School organized a seminar on “BLISS – Basic, Life Support In Schools’ in association with Peerless Hospital, where Dr Saptarshi Saha addressed the students on trauma care.

“BLISS – Basic Life Support, if taught right from school and brought into the syllabus, can help the child learn right from an early age, so that when they grow up, they know how to implement it and think fast and act fast. This will help in saving many lives. Every school should include BLISS in their curriculum. Moreover, continuous practice of every technique under experienced supervision is also necessary. Our mission and vision is to spread this awareness to each of the students so that we can have some experts all around to save lives during emergency”, said Dr Saptarshi Saha, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Peerless Hospital.

“We at Indus Valley World School encourage our students to equally focus on education, extracurricular activities as well as boost their life skills. We have organised this trauma care seminar for students to become responsible citizens in the coming days. As students don’t know how to react in such difficult situations, this seminar will help them understand their immediate roles . We are going to start life skill classes by teachers who are already well trained”, said Mrs. Anita George, Principal, Indus Valley World School.

Nearly 150 students from class IX & class XI were present in the seminar.