TEDxGaria Event

28th October 2020

On 16 th October the TEDxGaria event was flagged off with an aim to accelerate ideas and boost the human race towards a safer, fairer zero-carbon world.The sessions saw experienced professionals speak inspiringly for making ethical choices and fuelling interest in simple relatable stories rather than academic narratives on climate change.The event’s concluding segment was powered by Samadrita Basu from Indus Valley World School.
All of 7 years, she was introduced as the youngest speaker ever to grace a TEDx platform. Her advocacy of ecological conservation goes beyond verbal exhortation and is evidenced through empathy towards animals and strict avoidance of package-based products. Samadrita’s opening question – ‘What can a 7-year-old possibly speak about?’ was a necessary buffer against any attempt to trivialize her statement and stance. She followed it up with an intelligent rejoinder – ‘Yes, I can pronounce pandemic, and spell it too.’ That ‘Nature had taken back what was hers’ was an insightful observation upon the rare sight of clear skies and the chirping of birds. Her assertion was candid in that since our very survival is at stake, children should be schooled into the spirit of sustenance and conservation that goes beyond mere subject-based concept building.

The eco-warrior that she is, Samadrita suggested a plant-based diet and birthday celebrations involving sapling and food distribution. There was also the well-intentioned advice against unnecessary plastic packaging and over-buying.

Samadrita signed off on the hopeful note that with ‘We can change Climate’