04th September 2023

On the eve of Teacher’s Day, 30 teachers and 25 parents(both of whom play a crucial role in the lives of students) came together to present a unique collaborative programme for the entire teaching fraternity of the school, called ‘Safar-e-Zeest. Believing in the spirit of collaboration, the school wanted to celebrate the special day along with parents who are also teachers in their own right.
The occasion was graced by the Chairman of the school Mr. Shailesh Khaitan and other esteemed guests.
This programme explored the different themes of childhood, love, loss, mysticism, and death in the writings of Tagore and Ghalib. Team IVWS sifted out jewels from the poems and songs of these two great souls, born nearly a century apart, to present a multi-disciplinary narrative through music, enactment, and dance.