Road Safety Week 2023

07th February 2023

Indus Valley World School in association with the Kolkata Traffic Police observed the Road Safety week 2023 on the 7th of February at the school Auditorium where all the school bus and car drivers were made aware of the Road Safety rules and its management during their daily course of work. They were exposed to various traffic rules, signages,formats and updated regulations to be followed on the road to avoid traffic violations and promote road safety. Inculcating road culture and safe driving habits among the vehicle drivers were the key address areas and Sergeant Rudranath Mukherjee from the Traffic Training School of Kolkata Police was the chief trainer for the day. A gathering of more than 110 people including drivers, helpers and attendants were present and the event was graced by the Officer-in-Charge Purba Jadavpur Traffic Guard Sri Sanjay Singh and Additional OC Sri Amalendu Chakraborty. It was truly an enriching ,educative and interactive session for the drivers and will help them a lot in their field of work.