Pre-Primary Concert: The Sea Story

01st October 2019

September is famously a month of momentous strides, be it of hope or otherwise. The showcase event of the Pre-Primary sections of the Indus Valley World School, helmed by Vice Principal Ms.Reshma Bhattacharya, Pre-Primary Coordinator Ms.Papiya Bhattacharya and an entire team of dedicated teachers, took place on the 21st of this month.

The approach to the main hall held up the reigning theme of the water-world. Sr. Marilla Anne D’Souza, the Principal of Loreto Day School Elliot Road and Chief Guest of the day was led past a dazzling artwork, painstakingly mounted by in-house teachers, with detailing redolent of the briny deep. Her words of wisdom and hearty encouragement followed warm felicitation by the Director, Ms.Amita Prasad.

Mellifluous strains of the Welcome Song saw the evening off to a jaunty start. It heightened the positive note rung in through Ms. Anita George’s address as the school’s Principal. At the heart of the main event lay an issue of true arresting relevance. Essentially a musical,The Sea Story showcased marine life in all its multifarious splendour and delved further into a gnawing concern. The stage décor impressed with its solidity and uncluttered beauty.

Mermaids have long held fascination for children and adults alike. Born of myth, they stoke possibilities of merging disparate worlds, entities, lived-in spheres. The Sea Story began with a sweeping glimpse of the deep, coursed through the friendly banter of Lori the Lobster and Ruby – the mermaid princess of the water-world and ran against King Haf, the benevolent monarch raging against the unfeeling human multitude that has ravaged his world without a care. Pitted against Ruby’s appeal to be allowed a visit to the human world of sun and shade, the king felt compelled to reminisce bitterly about how he had lost his sister Ariel to this very world. He vowed never to forgive them for not caring enough and laying his kingdom waste. The climax is brought about by Ruby’s appeal to be guided to know her world closer. Even as the sea creatures came together in a diverse pageantry of natural beauty and unity, Ruby and a mother shark struggled to free two little ones from the vice grip of plastic.

The pledge for sea-landers and humans to unite and rid the world and its deep of pollutants struck a chord with the audience and avowedly served as the highlight of the show. An inspiring spectacle, The Sea Story was brought to its just culmination through Vice Principal Madam’s generous vote of thanks and collective singing of the National Anthem.

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