Motivational Career Discussion Session at IVWS

18th September 2018

IVWS Grade XI students saw the presence of Mr Mohan Tiwari, the Founder and CEO of Students He is a renowned career counsellor with experience of counselling thousands of students all across country. Many of his programs on careers were aired on radio and television reaching out to students. He has empowered students in shaping up their future and careers, worked with the leadership of some of the best schools of the country.
It was an opportunity worth waiting for as students of Grade XI & XII were immensely impressed and motivated by Mr Tiwari’s golden words “follow your heart and pursue your dreams”….The message was loud and clear as Mr Tiwari rightly puts it… ‘”one has to try again and again incessantly to reach ones goal.” As expressed by one of them, He also geared us up by encouraging us to search for happiness as Success most importantly means happiness.