Magic Of My School

15th November 2019

A challenge that our Director Mrs.Amita Prasad decided to take up when this project was offered to us by Bichitra Pathshala resulted in the extravaganza that lasted from 7-9 November 2019. Trying to compete with schools which have an over 200-year history was no mean task but when our multi-sensorial experience saw the light of day, it was truly magical! Inaugurated by Malavika Banerjee the Director of the Kolkata Lit Meet and the renowned artist Wasim Kapoor the occasion was graced by the Chairman Mr. Shailesh Khaitan. We are blessed with a team of extremely dedicated teachers and students who made it possible. We had our student Rohosen Bhattacharya compose the ambient music, the choir singing two songs, one song specially composed for the occasion, an inaugural dance that paid homage to Lord Ganesh and the Holy Trinity, a fantastic Mime act that shared a very powerful environmental message and the school band that took everyone’s breath away with their original composition in five movements it was an unbelievable multi-sensorial experience. We are truly blessed with a dedicated group of students and teachers whose hard work made this project truly magical!