18th January 2023

The completion of a project done with meticulous research and thorough planning by the IVWS team of students and teachers. We received this project from Own the Past. Our students went for the walk and talk organised by Sohini Pyne that was then followed by research on the topic of Chinese cuisine given to us. The 15th of January saw the culmination of their findings,that took shape in an aesthetic presentation at the Nam Soon temple. Our students did us proud as they took visitors on a journey of Chinese food that appealed to the senses. Guided by their teachers, they presented eatables made out of clay that surprised all visitors! They even laid out innovative dips made of Chinese sauces for visitors to taste.

A huge learning experience for our students and a call out to the administration to look after the derelict buildings of the dwindling Chinese community located in Tiretta Bazaar.