02nd February 2018

“It’s important to remember that we all have magic inside us.” said the acclaimed author J.K.Rowling.
The magic was witnessed on 27th January at the Science City Auditorium. The magicians were the students of Indus Valley World School (IVWS) who celebrated their 9th Annual Day with huge pomp and show.The young performers delivered scintillating performance at the INDCON 2018 – CONFLUENCE that was witnessed by eminent guests and parents. The evening saw a blend of ideas, narratives and perspectives.

The chief guest Mr. Tathagata Chowdhury, co-founder of prolific theatre group Theatrecian, delivered an encouraging speech to boost the morale of the students. Famed sarodist Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty and Shri Kalyan Mukhopadhyay IPS (Deputy Commissioner, South-East division, Kolkata Police) were present to encourage the students for their endeavors.

The finesse of the students of grades 1 and 2 in Oscar Wilde’smetaphorical fairy- tale “The Selfish Giant” truly warmed the hearts of the audience. The virtuosity of the young performers were breathtaking.
Students of grade 3 and 4took us on a pleasant ride by showcasing the diversity of folk culture pan world. “Feet Free”was spectacular. The vibrancy of folk culture was eminent with the marvelous use of the props and the repartee of the narrators.
“Ganga Tarang” had enough reasons to give goose bumps to the audience. The act highlighted the atrocities that the Ganga is going through over the years. The students of grade 3, 4 and 5 purveyed the audience with thoughts that will be etched in their minds for quite some time. A standing ovation by the audience at the end of the show added a feather to the cap of IVWS.

Sir Joseph Matthew, the school’s director encouraged the students with his speech.
The school’s Principal Ms. Anita George presented the school report which showcased the triumphs and initiatives of the institution. Vice- principal Ms. Reshma Bhattacharya glorified the hard work and teamwork of the students and teachers.