Excursion To Shantiniketan – Grade VI & VII

06th January 2023

IVWS had organised a three day educational trip to Santiniketan for the students of Grades VI & VII from 6th to 8th January 2023. The itinerary involved a visit to Uttarayan and Viswa Bharati on arrival. The students learnt extensively about Gurudev and his philosophy related to the birth of a world class university. The second day had a schedule that included a visit to the Sonajhuri forests and the haat. The toto ride to the haat. This was followed by a visit to the Deer Park and the carts centre ‘ Amar Kutir. A special dance performance by the santhaals was organised around a bonfire which was the highlight of the evening. The third day began with a creative writing session that helped the children reflect and express their takeaway from the excursion. They returned to Kolkata by the evening.