Educational Excursion to Shantiniketan

04th November 2019

Educational excursions not only enhance the knowledge of the students but also broaden their outlook towards the outside world. Students of Grades V and VI developed a love for nature and reinforced their creative faculties when they got a chance to visit the land of Tagore, Shantiniketan. A group of 35 students were escorted by 4 teachers.

Day 1 of the weekend trip included a guided tour of the Uttaryan complex, Shantiniketan Griha, and the Vishwa Bharati University. The children had a wonderful time at Patha Bhavan as they sang songs of the bard and recited his poems. They were enthralled by the idea of an open-air school. Once they were back to the hotel the students then wrote about their day’s experience in their diaries. They enjoyed floating sky lanterns, had a sumptuous dinner and retired to their beds all excited for the next day.

Day 2 began with a warm-up session which set the tone for the exhilarating day ahead. They visited the weekly market at Shonajhuri. The lovely shonajuri flowers, the colourful artefacts, the graceful tribal dancers and the songs of the Baul singers – all of this was a perfect setting to tickle the imagination of our young learners as they sat down to pen their thoughts on paper. The students then had a wonderful time shopping for themselves and their dear ones. Their visit to the Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Deer Park emphasized the idea of keeping the wildlife safe and protected. The children were mesmerized as they saw the tribal dancers dancing rhythmically to the beats on the madal. The children then enjoyed dancing with them. The students then showcased their talents as they sang danced and recited poems.

On Sunday they were back to Kolkata and several of them said this was truly an unforgettable experience.