Earth Day 2024

23rd April 2024


On 22nd April, IVWS undertook a unique initiative to commemorate Earth Day, where students from 15 schools came together for an immersive learning experience. Students from the different schools came together in a spirit of collaboration which has become the hallmark of IVWS. There were 4 workshops organised during the day where the students took forward the message of being protectors of the Earth.
The Chief Guest was Rwitobroto Mukherjee, theatre and stage actor. Following the traditional lighting of the lamp, the Principal Ms. Reshma Bhattacharya addressed all the students and teachers of the visiting schools.

This was followed by a film appreciation session with noted facilitator Ms. Subha Das Mollick. The students watched two short films – Anders Artig and Ponds of Mirror. While Anders Artig was about appreciating the ‘other’ and making friends with the other, Ponds of Mirror was about caring deeply for other creatures.

This was followed by three breakaway workshops in Art, Music and Dance. They learnt the technique of Eco printing in the Art session while the singers learnt two songs that spoke about the importance of a united stand to protect the Earth. The dancers learnt a piece to a Sanskrit shloka that some about the beauty of the Earth.

At the Closing Ceremony, the singers and dancers from all the schools made their presentations together. The joy of learning together, without competition made the day truly memorable as the youngsters took the pledge of being ‘ Earth Protectors!’

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