13th November 2023

The auspicious festival of Diwali was ushered in by Indus Valley World School, where the school’s community service club, Interact, took the initiative to share the joy of the festival of lights, with the underprivileged children in the area.

The Principal, Ms.Reshma Bhattacharya, extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest, actor and filmmaker, Arindam Sil, and the children, emphasizing the importance of Diwali and the school’s commitment to service over self.

The celebration started off with a prayer song and dance by students from Grade 6. Mr. Sil, who has been engaged with IVWS for quite a few years, spoke to the audience comprising students and parents where he said : “The greatest thing we can give to our children on this auspicious occasion is the treasure of knowledge.” He brought up the importance of availability of education and knowledge for children and added that if we have the resources, then we should always look towards utilising them for the betterment of others – that is what symbolises IVWS.

This was followed by a much-awaited magic show. by Aryak Ghosh of Grade 7, as everyone was served refreshments by the Student Council and teachers.

As the green tubris lit up the school, the happiness of the children and the adults filled the air.

The festivities concluded by handing out school bags with stationery kits and chocolates to the children. Our Director, Mrs. Amita Prasad, said Diwali being an occasion that is as much about selflessness as it is about enjoyment, for the school. She said, “ We began this initiative last year and this year the response has been overwhelming. Students of Grade 6 have been extremely generous, giving us diyas and phooljhuris for the neighbourhood underprivileged children.Whether it be the members of the Student Council, parents, teachers or students, we didn’t need to ask twice; we requested and the response was instantaneous. This spontaneity and the willingness to help those in need should be a part and parcel of life.’’