29th March 2024

The students of Grade B commemorated one hundred years of Abol Tabol by exploring various aspects of this literary gem. The changing book covers of Abol Tabol that map the evolution of illustration and printing in Bengal were displayed. A part of the exhibition showcased the concept of hybridisation as imagined by Sukumar Ray and translated this into robotic models made by our students. Also hybridisation, as creatively imagined by our students through different sketches and poems were displayed. The students also showcased how the five senses and human responses to them, are explored in the different poems in Abol Tabol. The value of humour and the necessity of laughter in our lives was one of the main highlights of the exhibition. Few interesting questions on probable impossible situations and even creatively imagined answers by students were a part of the display. The life and various achievements of Sukumar Ray, his illustrious father, and his equally talented son was mapped through a PowerPoint presentation and timeline display. Last but not the least a “Kumropotash” selfie corner was installed for all visitors who came to visit the exhibition. A unique endeavour presented by the students of Grade V along with their teachers.

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