Calcutta Heritage Collective Quiz

01st December 2020

Our Quiz team comprising Indrav Chatterjee (Grade 9C) Rohan Biswas(Grade 9 E) and Mrinmoy Howlader (Grade 8F) represented the school in a heritage quiz organized by Calcutta Heritage Collective. The top 12 city schools battled it out in an online quiz held over the last two months. Our team did us proud by defeating the Akshar School in the prelims. As our school was one of the top scoring teams in the prelims they faced Modern High School for Girls in a nail biting tie breaker to make a place in the finals. Their exemplary performance in the tie breaker pitted them opposite Birla High School in the finals. The finals held on 23 November proved to be a grand affair with guest Quiz masters like Shuvaprasanna, Usha Uthup, Tanushree Shankar and Bikram Ghosh quizzing the two teams. After seven rounds of intense quizzing our boys emerged as the Runners up team. We are extremely proud of them and extend our hearty congratulations to all three of them.