BSF Arms Display On The School Campus

07th May 2018

April 27 saw the Indus Valley campus in a completely different milieu. Queued on one side of the basketball court were 9 MM Berettas, Rocket launchers, 12 Bore Pump Action Gun, 7.62 MM Medium Machine Gun, INSAS Light Machine Gun, Sharp Shooter Gun and on the other side were snapshots of intensive regimented training sessions. Walking up and down, explaining specifications of the machines were the men in uniform- the Border Security Force, 76th Battalion (BSF) headed by Mr. Nizammuddin, Deputy Commandant and Senior Officer Mr Vijay Dhimri, Second in Command. In dazzling white uniform was the BSF band lead by the choirmaster.

With an impressive band performance, started the proceedings of an eventful day. The BSF commandos explained in details the artillery on exhibit and very generously allowed our students and teachers to experience the feel of the machines.

What followed was an interactive session with one of the commandants which culminated into a soul stirring documentary on the BSF and LOC.

The flavour of this day at Indus Valley was like none other. Students and teachers were filled with a deep sense of patriotism and pride for the BSF. Though a rare moment, this event will remain special in the memories of the school- to have had the opportunity to welcome and host few of the most dedicated men, for the cause our country.

Indus Valley World School salutes the spirit of the BSF and expresses sincere gratitude for sparing time for the institution.