Bonds Of Friendship

09th October 2018

The unique virtue of friendship has fortified nations and is the only gesture which can bring a smile in the worst situations of life. The IVWS family was enriched when the “FRIENDS OF TRIBAL SOCIETY MEMBERS” visited us to celebrate our bond of LOVE and HARMONY. The eventful programme started with some tempting home cooked breakfast prepared by the little master chefs of our school which was cordially served to them by the members of the GRILL CLUB.The programme proceeded with melodious songs, dances, recitations, martial art displays, a magic show and a lovely skit or “NUKKAD PLAY”. The heart-warming programme became spectacular when the teachers of IVWS indulged themselves in the traditional DHUNUCHI DANCE to evoke the festivity of DURGA PUJA and DIWALI which is to be celebrated soon.

The programme was a result of the hard work and participation of the various innovative CLUBS of IVWS. The panoramic and SPLENDID DECORATION of the stage was an initiative of the EARTH CLUB which was done with theme based articles and eco-friendly or recycled materials. The melodious initiation of the programme was done with a SONG AND DANCE performed by the talented children of the HARMONY CLUB. The audience laughed heartily with the HUMOROUS AND TICKLING RECITATIONS performed by the IDEAS CLUB. Next the audience was mesmerized with the breath-taking performance by the SHIELD CLUB which was action-packed with martial arts performance, self-defense and fitness activities. Even the students of the ELEMENT CLUB performed a spell bound magic show demonstrating an interesting confluence of science and magic. The message of brotherhood and friendship was also profound in the humble NUKKAD PLAY showcased by the children of the QUEST CLUB. Last but not the least the DHUNUCHI DANCE performed by the club mentors compelled the audience to tap their feet and join the celebration. The eventful and thrilling programme followed with the felicitation of the visiting teachers by our respected DIRECTOR SIR, PRINCIPAL Ma’am and VICE PRINCIPAL Ma’am. Our little friends were also overjoyed to receive small gift packets and friendship bands handmade by the students of ENCHANT CLUB and QUEST CLUB.The lovely program came to an end with a VOTE of THANKS by our respected Vice Principal Ma’am for the participation of the clubs and the opportunity provided by our friends to strengthen the bond of friendship. All together it was an exciting day enriched with joy, friendship and festivity.