13th November 2022

Eight students and two teachers set out on a magical trail in the early hours of 13th November 2022. They were ably guided by the team from Own the Past to discover a world that lies all but forgotten in the heart of Central Kolkata.After a briefing by the experts, the IVWS students joined others to look at the world of the last 200 odd Chinese who live near Tiretta Bazaar. The treasure trove they unearthed is slowly going to take shape into a research paper in a month’s time from all the information they culled through the magical morning. They witnessed and participated in a calligraphy and Chinese lantern making workshop.
As one of the students from IVWS said, ‘we were transported into another world and what was so unreal was the fact that it was right in the heart of our city and we didn’t even know about this amazing part of the city’s history!’