18th March 2024

On 18th March the Middle School children continued with their bagless activities. After playing football and basketball in the morning the three classes broke away to do different activities.
Grade 6 continued their journey towards understanding media better through developing the skills of critical thinking and problem solving with the team from Altnews led by Anish Mukherjee.
Grade 7 had a wonderful session with famous Alpona artist Ms. Ratnabali Ghosh as she explained the intricacies of the art and its various manifestations in different countries. The children tried their hand at designing their own on paper after her demonstration.
Grade 8 had an exhilarating morning with Ms. Ishita Biswas and Ms. Pratima Purkayastha in the Home Science lab. They tried their hand at making aloo tikia chat and served to all their friends and teachers in school. We were proud to see them hard at work, trying their hand at becoming master chefs!

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