Awareness programme on Safe drive Save life- half marathon by Kolkata Police Traffic department, traffic rules and Cyber safety for students of IVWS.

10th January 2024

Kolkata Police is doing exemplary work to raise awareness among school students of the importance of safety on the streets as well as in cyberspace. The importance of such sessions can never be overstated- especially for students who spend long hours on their phones and other gadgets. We greatly appreciate their effort to organize the Half Marathon involving students to spread the message of road safety and hope that people respond in large numbers in support of this worthy cause.

On the 10th of January 2024, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) South Shri Amit Kumar Shaw – IPS addressed the students of Indus Valley World School making them aware of the traffic rules to be followed for safely commuting on roads. The message of building up a safer community in terms of cyber alertness was also discussed as relevant points related to general cyber awareness including the most common ones e.g. password hacking, tracking of social media hazards against downloading of fictitious links, sharing of OTP, etc amongst youngsters were also discussed.

Mr. Shaw also made a point that through students in schools, the message for a safer community also reaches the elder members of the family and in turn makes them alert and aware.

Students discussed various issues faced by them and they were informed about the ‘Bondhu ‘App (which can be downloaded on mobile) by the Kolkata Police which works immediately by alerting the nearest police station with real time tracking of the location from the sight of the crime. ‘Dial 100 for emergency‘ was a very important takeaway for the students.

The officer in charge and Additional Officer in charge of Purba Jadavpur traffic guard and Panchasayar PS were also present to address the gathering. We are truly grateful to the Kolkata Police team and look forward to more such initiatives in the future.