24th January 2023

Our students from Grades VI and VIII attended sessions at the Kolkata Literary Meet on 24th and 25th January 2023. On 24th the students got an opportunity to see the launch of Dr. Madhurima Vidyarthi’s latest book ‘ Munni Monster’ and were part of an engaging interaction between Ms. Sudha Kaul and the author. The second session saw Lubaina Bandukwala ,Lesliy D Biswas and Devika Rangachari in conversation about their respective books and how the Feedom Movement is viewed by children. On the 25th Grade VIII students heard Mudita Chauhan-Mubayi and Adittya Nath Mubayi talking about different creatures and their relevance to Nature. The second session saw Gayathri Ponvannan and the Mubayi couple discuss the role of women in the INA. Our students were extremely interactive and won books and proizes in the pop up quiz organised at the end.