Author Ken Spillman Visits Indus Valley World School

12th December 2019

On 10 December 2019, a fantastic treat awaited all the students of Grades 3-5 in the school auditorium. Ken Spillman, the celebrated children’ author from Australia came for a storytelling session for our students. All the students and teachers who were present were mesmerised by the magic of the brilliant storyteller as he went about igniting the imagination of the young minds. As he chose excerpts from his book and took the students on a creative journey the students learnt to think, visualize and weave stories in their minds. The author was inundated with innumerable questions which he happily answered. We are grateful to Mayura Mishra of Oxford Subscription Company for bringing the author to our school. Mr. Spillman promised to visit our students again to enthral them with more fascinating stories in the future.