Artificial Intelligence Coding Certification For Yuvaan Singh

21st February 2020

Yuvaan Singh is amongst the Top 20% children who have successfully completed the WhiteHat Junior Trial Coding Class. He secured full marks out of 30 and received a certificate and report card for the same.
WhiteHat Jr is founded by gold medalists from MIT (Boston), IIT, IIM and Kid Psychology Specialists. They are the first and only structured curriculum in coding, aiming to solve the #1 gap in the global school system today.

The urgency for students to master Artificial Intelligence and Robotics couldn’t be higher today. AI and Robotics will take 800 Million Jobs in 2020. 95% of today’s jobs will become redundant. WhiteHat Junior coding makes children, creators in the new world, learning to give instructions to computers versus take instructions from them!