Anti Drug Day Workshop

03rd July 2019

The Narcotics Department of Kolkata Police , under Panchashayar Police station, had taken a special initiative and conducted a workshop at.Indus Valley World School on 25th June 2019 . The workshop was attended by the students of classes 10, 11 and 12 along with the Director, Principal, Academic Head and various other teachers of the school. The workshop intended to generate an awareness among the students on the rampant use of drugs by the school-going children and their dire consequences.Important dignitaries , like the Asst. Commissioner of Police (IV) Mr Farukuzzaman, Dy.Inspector of, the Narcotics Division of Panchsayar PS ,Officer –in Charge of Panchsayar PS Mr Pabitra Kumar Mukherjee and Additional officer-in-charge of the PS Mr M L Gupta all took turns ,to speak on the various aspects of abuse of drugs and the illicit trafficking of the same. They expressed their concern over how adolescence is the critical age when many fall prey to this health threatening object available in various forms like cocaine, marijuana, tobacco, heroin, hashish etc. Young people have little self efficacy and resistance against substance addiction. They reiterated on, how in recent times, the presence of drug peddler in and around the established schools of Kolkata, has become a cause of major concern. They expressed how the youth today use drugs as a result of stress, inadequate parental control, lack of awareness or mere curiosity. They also enlightened the audience on the various punitive measures that can be taken against people convicted of drug offence. Not only did the students, but also the entire audience present there, felt , that workshops of this kind, help to build an awareness of the threats that lie just beyond their doorstep and insight on drug abuse prevention have a positive effect on knowledge, perceptions of people, and in the primary prevention of drug abuse , it is a cost efficient strategy. The school looks forward to more such interactive workshops in the near future.