Annual Sports 2016

29th February 2016

Indus Valley World School planned and organized a comprehensive Annual Sports Meet for its students on the 31st of January 2016. The venue chosen was the Geetanjali Stadium near Kasba.

Sukumar Samajpati, the legendary Indian footballer of the yesteryear was the Chief Guest of the event and he flagged off the day with hoisting of the IVWS school flag.

There was a disciplined show of March-Past by the four main Intra-School Houses of IVWS, a sombre session of oath taking and a symbolic gesture of balloon release tipping its proverbial hat to the universal message that sports preaches, i.e. “sky is the limit”. As the students rendered the energetic IVWS theme song to perfection, adrenaline started to pump up and the stage was set for some sporting action.

First up, there was an excellent performance by about forty students in the form of welcome dance, followed by a remarkable Aerobics event where the students grooved with music and pumped up their hearts and muscles. The event was aesthetically choreographed and perfectly synchronized. There was also a wonderful drill display by the boys and another equally good one by the girls.

The track and field events were keenly contested by students in various age groups, right from younger ones to the senior boys and girls. Defeat wasn’t an option any more, as the IVWS athletes crouched down on the starting blocks for of various races. Each participant gave their hundred percent and were dead serious about winning. But the spirit of competition never outgrew the spirit of sportsmanship.

Some of the most enjoyable events were those which tested the balance, stability and concentration of the participants, like the “Balance Race” where students had to complete a walk of 30 metres with a plate precariously balanced on the top of their heads and with a ball in the center of the plate. The mission was to complete the walk without toppling either the plate or the ball. Such events and some other events where teachers and parents competed against each other, generated a lot of fun and positive vibe.

At the end of all the competitions, the Indus House came out with flying colours and claimed the top position on the team-list. Winners claimed their rightful prizes during the Prize Distribution Ceremony, as those who didn’t win cheered for them. The day ended with a short but heart-felt vote of thanks by the Principal Mr Joseph Mathew.

Photographs : Display Photo