Activities For Upper Infant For The Month Of June

03rd October 2017

Environment Day (Save The Tiger): On 15th June ’17, the children of Upper Infant participated in yet another exciting activity where they were taught to show love and care for the inhabitants of our lovely environment from a very tender age. It was a perfect opportunity for the teachers to create awareness in children about their own self and the environment which surrounds them. They carried out a craft activity in which they made stripes on tiger- badges with the help of ear-buds. One could see a glint of pride in their eyes when they wore those tiger badges on their school shirts depicting the ‘pride of India ‘-the tiger…firmly placed right up their chests!

Story Telling (Thirsty Crow): The students experienced the joy of listening to an interesting story which has been told and heard umpteen number of times by their grandparents in the past. The story provided children with excellent exposure towards the animal kingdom. Our teachers took the responsibility of gathering various props required for the story. Things like a glass bowl filled with water and colourful marbles and a big black cut – out of a crow were placed on a table and each child was called and asked to put a pebble into the bowl. One could see a glint of wonder in their eyes when they saw the water level going up gradually. It was really wonderful to see children participating in the activity with zeal.