Activities For Upper Infant For The Month Of July

05th October 2017

When Clouds Rumble In The Sky, My Raincoat Keeps Me Safe And Dry (Monsoon Activity): An exciting activity which enthralled our young minds was the “raincoat activity”. The children were taught to put on their raincoats as soon as they heard the rumbling sound of a thunderstorm . A mock atmosphere of rain and a thunderstorm was created in the classroom and the children had to be alert and active enough to put on their special attires meant for the rainy season all by themselves. This specific activity helped them to exercise eye-hand coordination.

Story Telling (Hungry Caterpillar): On the 14th of July, our tiny tots were told a story about Katrina the caterpillar. Colourful props were prepared by our teachers to make the story captivating. The story taught the value of eating green and leafy vegetables and staying away from junk food. Cut-outs of different food items and a big hand puppet of a caterpillar were shown to the children while the teacher told the story through different facial expressions and voice modulation. This activity aimed at inculcating the importance of healthy eating habits among our young learners in their day to day lives.

Dance Competition: On the 26th of July, the tiny tots of Upper Infant participated in a dance competition which took place with the support of parents who shouldered the responsibility of choosing the dance costumes and preparing their wards for the competition. On the stipulated day, the children came elegantly dressed, performed with élan and enthralled the audience with their dance moves. It was an honour to have in our midst, Ms.Tomomi Kawasaki from Laguardia High School Philadelphia, U.S.A along with the Principal and the Vice Principal of the school. The audience which comprised of children cheered and clapped when they saw their feisty friends jig and dance with poise!

Nature Walk (Visit To The School Zoo): On the 28th of July, the students of Upper Infant went for a nature walk escorted by their respective class teachers. They walked hand in hand with their partners watching and talking about the various animal statues installed in the entrance of the school arena. It was a picture perfect view of young children watching wild animals in awe and admiration while their teachers talked about those animals and their distinctive qualities which made them different from others.