Activities For Toddlers For The Month of June

03rd October 2017

Sponge Play: On 13th June, an activity was conducted where the children dipped a sponge in a bucket full of water and squeezed water out in an empty bucket. As the Children enjoyed the activity thoroughly, it was conducted twice that week.

Treasure Hunt: On the 22nd of June, a treasure hunt was conducted for the students in the classroom itself. Few items were hidden in the classroom: under a chair, on a shelf, on the teacher’s table, between the bags of the children etc. Two children were called at a time and were shown the picture of an item on the smart board (e.g. red ball) and were asked to search for it.

Yellow Day: Children were dressed in yellow coloured clothes. Children brought yellow balloons and food items such as mango, bread with mango jam, mango juice, yellow coloured gems etc. They coloured a yellow mango on a worksheet. Feely bag activity was conducted to show yellow coloured things.