A Lyrical Escapade

24th December 2015

Held on : December 12, 2015
Venue : Science City Auditorium
Event Profile :
One of the most anxiously awaited occasions of Indus Valley World School – The Annual Concert appropriately named as ‘A Lyrical Escapade’ was held on 12th December 2015 amidst a packed audience at the Science City Auditorium.

The programme commenced with a welcome address by the Principal Mr. Joseph Mathew who spoke about the tireless effort and zealous perseverance of the students and teachers in putting up such an elaborate show. He further said that what the children be in future is what the school makes of them and that education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents. Mr Mathew summed up the theme of the evening’s spectacular performance, stating that, children should be provided with the opportunity to dream and imagine, they should be taught the value of hard work taking a leaf out of the life of the bees. Imagination and hard work can take one to success but if there is no love and unity in the family and if there is no celebration of love, one cannot find true happiness.

 The inauguration ceremony soon followed with the lighting of the lamps by the Honourable Chief Guest – the veteran actor Mr. Biplab Chatterjee accompanied by CEO, Mr. S.L Gupta, Rector Ms. Anita George, Principal Mr. Joseph Mathew and Vice-Principal Ms. Reshma Bhattacharya. The Honourable Chief Guest’s golden words of encouragement came next along with the melodious welcome song sung by the Junior School Choir.

The evening showcased an abundance of rhyme and rhythm. The main segment of the cultural programme began with the mystical expedition of the Pre–Primary children. The audience was transported to a mesmerising world of treasure hunt named as The Quest by the little ones, whose appropriate costumes accentuated their favourite cartoon characters.

As the enthralled audience applauded the performance of the little ones, the musical presentation of ‘The Buoyant Bees’ by Grade I & II was ready to take the stage. The mosaic world of the honey bees gradually unfolded on the intricately decorated stage with busy honey bees. The Queen along with her swarm presented their uniqueness in being the most interesting social creatures. The action packed sequences with the bees collecting nectar from the colourful flowers, the Queen supervising their pollination and successfully the hive and eventually saving it from all hazards resonated the spirit of togetherness, hard work and perseverance . The song ‘I’ m alive created magic as the children took an oath to help the dwindling bee population endure life.

The final event of the evening ,was a musical journey taken by the students of III,IV,V showcasing an exhilarating family reunion brilliantly synchronised with the golden songs of the everlasting film “The Sound Of Music”. To pay a tribute to the film for reaching 50 years of its making, the students, through their splendid performance, brought alive the enchanting melodies….. filling the hearts of the audience with nostalgia.

A vote of thanks was given by the Vice Principal, Ms. Reshma Bhattacharya, making special mention of the Late Director Ms. Usha Mehta, whose presence was strongly felt.

The evening came to an end with the National Anthem sung by all present.

The Lyrical Escapade truly left an indelible mark in the memory of one & all.

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