A Kaleidoscope Of Culture

16th August 2017

Indus Valley World School organised an educational trip as a part of the CBSE curriculum on 21.07.17 which was an enriching experience for the students. The journey started from school and our first stop was at the Hangsheshwari Temple, Bansberia, Hoogly. The students explored the age old religious and architectural traditions of Bengal there. The next stop was Bandel Church. Students discerned the confluence of culture there and read about the history of the Church’s establishment. They also got acquainted with the Christian culture and tradition there. Then, features like the Clock Tower and the Sun Dial were explicitly studied at the establishment of Imambarah, bearing features of the Islamic heritage in Bengal. The final destination was the French Museum of Chandanagar. The children were transported to a different era as they witnessed the artefacts used in the contemporary days of French rule. The trip was a great learning experience!