27th Telegraph Schools’ Chess Tournament 2018

24th December 2018

The 27th Telegraph Schools’ Chess 2018 , the longest running school level Chess tournament of the country, was organized by Alekhine Chess Club in Gorky Sadan – Russian Centre of Science & Culture in Kolkata from 14-19th December 2018. 428 players from around 232 different schools of Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and India (which included Kolkata, Jharkhand, Odisha, Delhi, Chhattisgarh & Tripura) took part in this tournament

Four players from Indus Valley World School participated in this prestigious tournament and gained immense experience playing against their higher ranked opponents and also scoring against them. Ishir Narayan, the best performer from IVWS, who had a dream run in this tournament , scalped many higher rated players including one from Nepal, gaining 70 rating points for his performance. He also got the opportunity to play against a top player from Bangladesh in the penultimate round and scored 5/9 points.

Avirup Das Neogi, ranked as the highest scorer amongst IVWS players with 5.5/9 points in his kitty. He gained 17 rating points for his performance in which he drew against many higher ranked players.

 Chess Tournament 2018