Board Exams 2018 – Dos & Don’ts

22nd February 2018

Kindly note the following points to ensure a smooth conduct of the aforesaid examinations:

1. Original Admit Card, Transparent bags/folders, containing transparent pencil cases only will be allowed inside school premises. No loose scrapes of paper/wrappers/staplers/wallets will be allowed.

2. No digital/smart watches to be worn. Mobile phones or any other electronic devices are not allowed inside the school premises.

3. Juvenile Diabetes cases and any other medical issues that need special arrangement for the candidate may please be reported beforehand with appropriate supporting documents.

4. Please furnish name and number to contact, in case of emergency, during the examination period with regard to such student.

In continuation to the above para-2, if any candidate carries with him/her the articles/gadgets not related to the examination, may be asked to place the same outside the examination hall, whatsoever at their own risk. The school authority, Controllers of Examination and other stakeholders will in no way be responsible for any such cases / claims.