IVWS Tiny Tots Bring Accolades

30th October 2017

Making glorious strides, the tiny tots of IVWS have exceeded all expectations by winning the Tulipians Trailblazer Award in October 2017. Facilitators and students of Pre-Primary and Grade I had put in stupendous effort in creating the model based on the theme ‘Education Today For A Futuristic Tomorrow.’

The model named ‘School for Life’ was conceptualised on the three pillars of Expansion, Equity and Excellence. The education system of yesteryears, the now and that of the future, found expression in three distinct zones – each explicitly stating its unique characteristics.

From the monolithic Gurukul System through the present day cutting edge technology to breaking the boundaries of classrooms and accommodating digital native kids into the global frame, the model had tried to capture the much anticipated paradigm shift in education across all cultures.

Devi Durga epitomising vision, strength, multi-tasking, adaptability and gender independence was placed as a catalyst for this sustainable development in education IVWS applauds the marvellous achievement of the little ones that brought roaring success to the school once again.